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2016 Bible Study

Return To Me

When God does his work in the heart and life of a person his intent is radical change. Jesus did not die on the cross so that we could be improved versions of our old selves. Instead he came to give us a new heart and a new life. Do you see yourself in need of radical change?

From the first chapter of Hosea we are drawn into an amazing love story unlike any other in Scripture. With every twist and turn God’s love is revealed as unconditional, faithful, and true. This in-depth study of Hosea looks closely at the unusual story of Hosea and Gomer and revels the truths God wants his chosen people to understand. From the pagan groves to the back alleys, you will marvel as God seeks, calls, and longs for the return of the one he loves.

The narrative of Hosea and its depiction of Israel is far from being just an ancient love story. The themes of redemption, reconciliation, and revival are as relevant today as they were in the times of Hosea. This eleven-week study includes a weekly lesson and daily assignments.


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Study begins at 6:30pm